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Turkey Hunting

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Turkey Season is Here

Turkey hunting has now become a science as well as anart; a contest of wills between hunter and hunted. The ultimate goal is to harvest a bird with as little suffering as possible for the animal, while never killing just for the sake of killing. The true sportsman reveres the prey and understands the highest satisfaction culminates at the dinner table…not just a trophy on the wall. Here at Ammo King, we understand what drives you…what compels you to get in the woods and leave everything else behind for a while. We can’t guarantee you’ll be having turkey for dinner, but we can guarantee our ammo won’t hold you back!

Tools For The Job

At AmmoKing, we have some of the best options available for a successful turkey hunt. For example, check out our Federal - Strut-Shok Turkey Load 12 Gauge 3” #4 1.9 Oz. 10 RoundsFederal - Strut-Shok Turkey Load 12 Gauge 3” #5 1.9 Oz. 10 RoundsFederal - Strut-Shok Turkey Load 12 Gauge 3” #6 1.9 Oz. 10 RoundsFederal - Strut-Shok Turkey Load 12 Gauge 3.5” #5 2 Oz. 10 RoundsFederal - Strut-Shok Turkey Load 12 Gauge 3.5” #4 2 Oz. 10 RoundsFederal - Strut-Shok Turkey Load 12 Gauge 3.5” #6 2 Oz. 10 RoundsFederal - 3rd Degree Turkey 20 Gauge 3” #5/6/7 1.4 Oz. 5 Rounds – find the shot-shell combo that works best for you.

We only stock the best ammo…the ammo that we would use. In addition to the Federal listed above we’ve got a nice selection of Winchester and Hornady turkey loads. Our desire is to provide the very best ammunition with great customer service and unreasonably fast shipping.

One exciting aspect of hunting is the precision it demands: each hunt isdistinct and may bring different challenges. From eliminating varmints to personal protection, you need to be spot on – it’s important to have the right tool for the job so-to-speak.

The Game Plan

Turkeys can provide a formidable challenge, and are considered one of the most difficult North American game animals to hunt, due to their keen eyesight, sharp hearing, and suspicious nature. A good game plan is essential to success:

  • First, it is vital to understand your prey whether you are after a Rio Grande, an Eastern, Osceola, Merriam’s or Gould. Learn feeding and breeding behaviors, preferred cover, calls etc. Its 2017…use the information available.
  • Scout, scout, and scout some more. Know the area you plan to hunt and invest thetime looking for sign such as scratchings and droppings.More importantly, get out before season starts and listen to locate areas where birds stage after coming down from the roost and before roosting for the night.
  • Calls…where the options seem endless, from box calls to slates, paddle-box, mouth calls and locators. Mastering the many yelps, purrs, clucks, putts and gobbles will take more practice than most are willing to devote. Find what works best for you and don’t over-do it.
  • You can never have too much equipment…at least that’s how many hunters feel (raises own hand). However, a small amount of equipment used correctly should be more than sufficient. Almost any shotgun used with the proper choke and corresponding turkey ammo willget the job done. Decoys are also very effective when used appropriately, as well as ground blinds or pop-up blinds.
  • Clothing… since a turkey can spot a tick on a deer’s ear from 100 yards, it is 100%necessary to have the right camo covering your face, hands and everything else. Spring mornings can be a little soggy, so it would be a good idea to have some good boots and semi-waterproof clothing to keep you from being uncomfortable. Also, a little camo duct tape to secure your pants to your boots is a nice way to keep the ticks from catching a ride home with you, for those in tick country.
  • My favorite way to end a successful hunt is with some thinly sliced turkey breast simply battered and fried, but there is no wrong way to enjoy the fruits turkey of your labor.

Our Bond

We always want to build an enduring bondwith our customers of course, but we also focus on the relationships with our suppliers. That’s how we make sure we get the best products passed on at the best prices to our customers…this is why your satisfaction is our highest priority.